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IG500 model is certified by NSF and UL and IG500S is non certified (standard model).

Industrial gas grill, customized constructed from 0.70m (27,55”)  to 3.00m (118,10”)  in 09 to 80 skewers in 2 or 3 rotisserie galleries .

Space between the skewers of 101 or 125mm;

Does not need masonry, avoiding unnecessary spending on construction materials and labour once the equipment already leaves the factory ready for using;

It has a stainless steel water tank for grease collection which eliminates the smoke formation besides making easer the cleaning job.

It provides economy of gas because you can adjust it according your necessities.

We also have this model certified by UL and NSF, for further information or quotes about certified models please inform us.

It is a customized product, please call us for more information.


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